Cosmetology is a general term for all the beauty treatment that are offered to people'sskin and hair.It is the study and implementation of beauty treatment which can be learnt by whoever is willing to make career of this.A cosmetologistis a person who has learnt about fashion trend, different hairstyles and haircuts, skin care, hair removal, manicure and pedicure, different types of makeupsas well as skincare and beauty products.They also help in coloring, extension, straightening, perming of hair.Cosmetologist in general help people in improving, maintaining or achieving a certain type of look that they are looking for depending upon the latest trend that follows.

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If you want to work in the field of beauty and to learn different types of beauty services you can either join a cosmetology school or acollege. Whether they are called schools or colleges they provide both practical and theoretical type of studying opportunities.You can learn about all the things pertaining to haircare and skin care in classrooms where they will teach you in theory classes as well as you will get an opportunity to learn by implementing what you have learntin theory as well.The things that you will learn while learning cosmetology is:

Skin care
Nail care
Makeup application
Hair care
Hair cutting and hairstyling

Skin Care: In this section of cosmetologyyou learn how to enhance skin appearance and improve the skin conditions and treat the skin to rejuvenate its condition.You learn how to nourish yourskin by providing necessary nutrition. Protecting you skin from excess sun exposure.These are the basic steps you learn to take care of your skin, apart from this you will also learn how to use cosmetic, how to exfoliate yourskin, using of filters and chemical peels, laser treatments to improve skin condition, different types of skin therapies.Skin care is little different from dermatology. Skin care is something that is seen less with respect to medical scope and skin care is advised by non-physician professional.

Nail Care: There are two types of nail care, manicure and pedicure. Manicure refers to caring for finger nails and pedicure refers to caring for toe nails.Manicure is a beauty treatment where you learn to take care of your fingernails and hands. You can either perform them at home and there are professional salons for this as well.In this you learn how to cut and filing yournails to proper shape. Removing any dead tissue around the edges of your finger nails.Along with nails you also learn how to massage and keep your hands moist and soft. After this you learn how to apply nail polish.

In pedicure you learn how to care for you toenailsand feet. This is exactly same as pedicure, but instead of fingernails, you do the same with toenails.

Makeup Application: In this field you will learn how to use cosmetics to make people look prettier. You will learn how to contour for different types of skin shade. Which brushes to use to apply blush, eye makeup, lipstick and compact.You will learn how to do post makeup care for you skin. Which brands are well suited for which skin type.

Hair Care: This is where you learn to take care of yourhair's proper hygiene. You will learn how to color them, how to condition them, whichshampoo suits for which hair type.you will also learn different type of treatments to strengthen hair, increase hair growth, reduce hair fall, wash them and handle different types of hair textures.You will also learn about hair implants and making wigs.You will learn about all the types of hair products like hair color, hair conditioner, hair gel, hair spray, hair tonic, hair serum and many more.

Hair Cutting And Hairstyling:In hair cutting you will learn different types of hair cutting styles. You will learn different types of hair lengths. You will learn which hairstyle will look nice for which face cut. You will learn what types of brushes you will use for what type of styling.The different equipment you will require like hairiron, blow-dryer, hair roller, hair straightening iron, hair trimmers, hairbrush, hairpin, scissors, comb how long is cosmetology school